Advice for Cruisers From Cruisers

The author might be biased as it is his home port but after thousands of miles, there is a reason he calls it home.
The weather gets a little cooler but this is some of the best time to cruise Maine.
While we are lucky to have a large and efficient freezer and refrigerator on board that runs all summer due to significant solar and battery resources, we still yearn for fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries and dairy on a regular basis, hence we are, like most others, eager for a provisioning stop once or twice a week.
Fog is Fun! Someone out there has been giving Maine fog a bad name. They say it’s treacherous, dangerous, difficult to navigate in and to be avoided at all costs. Perhaps with some tips and perspective adjustment, we can change all that negative energy that fog seems to attract. My wife, Jane, and I have […]
I have been whining about not sailing for the past six or seven months to the great irritation of my loyal and patient bride (of 50 years) and now that the boat is finally in the water, I find that this weekend, a full three weeks after launch, we will FINALLY be going for a […]
nav table with chart, CCA cruising guide on iPad, computer screen showing chartplotter image
There’s good and bad news about planning a cruise in Maine. The good news is that there are over 1000 destinations and 3,500 miles of coastline from which to choose. The bad news is that there are so many choices that it may seem impossible to come up with an enjoyable cruise itinerary. Fortunately, this […]
Go ahead, take a peek at the calendar! Today is January 21 and I am so pumped up about sailing, despite the fact that the boat is patiently sitting under shrink wrap and a fresh blanket of snow. Just think of it, it’s been 95 days since the boat was hauled and it’s only 85 […]
boats at anchor in Pulpit Harbor
As marinas in Maine are somewhat sparse, and the anchoring opportunities are plentiful and fabulous, anchoring is a valuable skill set to possess while cruising Maine. General observations for anchoring anywhere from Maine to the Caribbean: The attraction of a tight, snug anchorage is undeniable. Privacy, good protection from wind and waves, tranquil beauty are […]
Finding a good stout mooring of known history and condition in a beautiful location is likely one of the best and most satisfying aspects of cruising. After all, there should be no angst regarding holding ground, the quality of your gear, your anchor-setting skills, tricky currents, forecasted storms. But even picking up a mooring in […]

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