Jewell Island

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Photo: Zdenka Griswold

The long deep cove on the northeast corner of Jewell Island is a favorite weekend escape for Portland boaters. It can tend to get crowded, but if you get there early and drop the hook, there’s great hiking and beachcombing as well as exploration of the mysterious abandoned towers and tunnels of the WW2 submarine spotting installation. Jewell is a favorite spot for kids to roam about (carefully!) and play hide-and-seek. The Punchbowl on the seaward side is a gorgeous rock-strewn beach surrounded by giant hedges of rosa rugosa (beach roses).

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Be careful of the rocks - by Zdenka Griswold

Approach the long narrow cove carefully from the northeast, leaving nun #4 to starboard and make your way as far up the cove as you dare, remembering to check the tide chart and your depth sounder carefully.

Quiet basin of water surrounded by rocky shores.

Click the chart to open Navionics.

Not to be used for Navigation.

Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

The 1 or 2 moorings here are placed by the Maine Island Trail Association for exclusive use by their island caretaker. They are small mooring anchors sized for an open skiff, not a cruising boat. You can anchor, but there’s not a lot of swinging room, so drop a minimum of scope. Don’t stay overnight if the wind is strong!

Getting Ashore

Photo: Zdenka Griswold

You can haul your dinghy up on the beach at the head of the cove. As mentioned, there is great hiking all over the island. Watch out for poison ivy. Kids of all ages will want to explore the old artillery batteries and submarine spotting towers from WWII.

concrete bunker left over from WWII

Other Things To Do:

Fun spot for paddleboarding and kayaking.


Other Nearby Anchorages:  Chebeague Island and Cliff Island, both just to the north


What CCA Members are saying:

As a kid, there was no place I wanted to escape to more than Jewell Island. The combination of the WW2 ruins and the beauty of the seaward shoreline, especially the Punch Bowl, kept my imagination going all winter. I even wrote essays and stories about it in high school. Despite the weekend crowds, this is a Casco Bay haven not to be missed!

Nat Warren-White

We fondly remember exploring the war remnants and hiking on Jewell when our kids were little. Our younger daughter does not remember with fondness the time she lagged behind and became lost--pretty frightening for a 5-year-old! Then there was the night the wind piped up and boats started dragging. But we loved Jewell regardless!

woman wearing sunglasses and safety harness

Jane Babbitt

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