Tenants Harbor

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Photo: Nat Warren-White

Tenants is a popular cruising stop with plenty of guest moorings, a well-stocked general store, and a welcoming boatyard owned by renowned Maine artist Jamie Wyeth, who also has a lovely home on Southern Island lying to port as you enter the harbor. The lighthouse, perched on the island’s east end, presents a painterly vision coming out of the fog approaching the harbor from the south or east. Like many Maine harbors, Tenants is a working fishing village, so be prepared for the sound of diesel engines cranking up before dawn. If you’d prefer something a little quieter, Long Cove lies just to starboard as you enter Tenants. There are no moorings in Long Cove, but it’s an easy and safe place to anchor. If the winds are blowing hard out of the east or southeast, Long Cove is preferable to Tenants.

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Jeremy D'Etremont, Flickr

Approaching from either the east or south, aim for the green-lighted bell buoy, #1, just off the east end of Southern Island, then make your way up the center of the channel until you see the small red and green channel markers at the outer edge of the mooring field. If you’re heading into Long Cove, simply turn right after you’ve rounded Southern, then run in between nun #2 and the ledge making out from the mainland, staying closer to the nun.

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

You’ll find some moorings for rent in Tenants. As you approach the harbor, give the Tenants Harbor Boat Yard a call at 207-372-8063 or give them a shout on Ch 9 or 68. The yellow lobster-type buoys scattered through the anchorage are all seasonal rentals and not available for transients. If you want Wi-Fi coverage, try to wrangle a boat yard mooring close to the dock. THBY may also have limited dockside space available.

Ryan Cline is the St George harbormaster covering both Port Clyde and Tenants Harbor (207) 542-2709.


Channels 9, 68, 16 or 207-372-8063 for Tenants Hbr Boat Yard


THBY for Diesel & Ethanol Free Gasoline










THBY will give customers a password, and reception is good if you’re close to their dock


On float, run by the town.


Tenants Harbor Boat Yard




PenBay Medical Center 6 Glen Cove Dr, Rockport 207-301-8000 Coastal Medical Clinic 269 Old Cty Rd Rockland 207-593-7925


Tenants Harbor Boat Yard has limited repair services. Call 207-372-8063 to see what’s possible.

Getting Ashore

Photo: Courtesy Small Adventures of Tenants Harbor

You can park your dinghy at the town dock, the farthest landing up the starboard side of the harbor (except for one private dock), or at the Tenants Harbor Boat Yard.

White lobster boat tied up at a dock; weathered wooden building behind, on the shore.

Photo: Tenants Harbor General Store - courtesy Linda Bean


Great provisioning at Tenants Harbor General Store.

Photo: Courtesy of East Wind Inn

Dine Out


Photo: Google Maps


The village is small, cozy, and lovely to walk around. We always take our dog to the ball field just up the road from the town dock for a good run.

For those wanting a longer hike with an interesting destination, consider


Photo: Rosa Rugosa by Nat Warren-White

Other Things To Do

“Smell the roses.”

If you want more ideas for things to do locally or in the St George Peninsula area, see this site: eastwindinn.com/the-area.htm


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