Buck’s Harbor

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Photo: US Harbors

Buck’s Harbor is a well-protected harbor at the western end of the Eggmoggin Reach that is sheltered on all sides. There are many moorings maintained by Buck’s Harbor Marina and the Bucks Harbor Yacht Club. Just a short walk from the Marina is the Buck’s Harbor Market but better get there early if you want the fresh pastries! These will sell out quickly!

Approach & Cautions

Photo: US Harbors

Approach from either side of Harbor Island, but stay close to the middle of the channel. Look for the red and greens that mark the channel. Most importantly, in the middle of the anchorage is Harbor Ledge — be careful of the rock there!

aerial view of Bucks Harbor showing the island and surrounding waters.

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

There are many moorings in the harbor maintained by Buck’s Harbor Marina and Buck’s Harbor Yacht Club. Grabbing a place to drop the hook is possible in Lems Cove to the East but be sure to stay out of the channel.

Call Buck’s Harbor Yacht Club for questions about guest moorings: (207) 326-0556 (monitored weekends beginning mid-June, daily July and August)

Hail Buck’s Harbor Marina on Channel 9 or 10 or call (207) 326-8839


Channels 9 & 10


Bucks Harbor Marina has Marine Diesel & Ethanol Free Gasoline


Buck’s Harbor Marina & Buck’s Harbor Yacht Club


Buck’s Harbor Marina


Buck’s Harbor Marina


Buck’s Harbor Marina


Buck’s Harbor Marina, but reception on moorings is weak.


Buck’s Harbor Marina Dock


Buck’s Harbor Marina Ships Store


Buck’s Harbor Marina has garbage drop off for transients.


Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital Address: 57 Water St, Blue Hill, ME 04614 (207) 374-3400


Getting Ashore

Photo: Kate Somers

Both Buck’s Harbor Marina and Buck’s Harbor Yacht Club have dinghy docks open to the public.

deli counter at Bucks Harbor Market

Photo: Bucks Harbor Market


  • Up the road is the Buck’s Harbor Market that has pastries in the morning and a range of grocery items including beer and wine.
  • The Farmer’s Market is held in front of the Market on Tuesdays at 9:30am

Photo: Kate Somers

Dine Out

  • Buck’s Harbor Marina sells lobsters and has limited snacks.
  • Buck’s Restaurant is “New American” restaurant open Tues.-Sat. Reservations recommended, 207-326-8688.
  • Buck’s Harbor Market has a pretty good grocery selection and sells take-out items like fish chowder, pizzas, wings, and sandwiches. Call or check their website for this year’s hours, 207-326-8683

trail though wooded area

Photo: Lookout Rock trail by Martha B Moss – Flickr


There are not any hikes within a close distance. Seven minutes by car is Lookout Rock, which provides beautiful panoramic views of Eggemoggin Reach, Penobscot Bay, and beyond. It is a half-mile hike through a Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserve.

View through trees of boats moored in a harbor.

Photo: Kate Somers

Other Things To Do

  • It is a calm harbor great for paddleboarding and kayaking.
  • The Post Office is about a 2-mile walk, on Coastal Road. Turn left at the stop sign. Farther up the hill is the town library.


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