North Haven Village

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North Haven is a quintessential Maine island with a mix of friendly island residents and well-heeled summer folk. It has rugged lobster boats, well-kept yachts of all shapes and sizes, charming village streets, and all manner of summer "cottages." Everyone has a friendly wave for visitors, and the village of North Haven has a pleasant mix of modest, accessible services and art galleries. The island also features a well-stocked and user-friendly grocery store on the Pulpit Harbor side of the island.

Note: J.O. Brown’s Boatyard was catastrophically damaged during two storms in January, but they are now fully operational.

Approach & Cautions

Photo: William Trevathy, Flickr

North Haven Village is accessed from the Fox Islands Thorofare near the local ferry landing. Sailing or motoring through the FIT is a “must-do” when cruising Maine. It features classic natural island scenery and an eclectic mix of island homes and summer cottages, some of which are quite spectacular.

A rock (Post Office Ledge) near the ferry dock is well-marked with red buoy R 16. Otherwise, the North Haven waterfront is WISYWIG (What You See Is What You Get)

aerial view of Fox Island Thorofare with village of North Haven on the right side

North Haven ME

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

Anchor in nearby Perry Creek and dinghy to town. If Perry Creek is too busy and you’re seeking solitude, consider either Seal Cove or Kent Cove. Anchoring in the thorofare is possible, but during the summer, there is a constant barrage of wakes from boats and yachts passing by.

Southern Harbor is a good anchorage when the wind is gusting from the north or northwest. It is around the corner to the south and west (on the map Southern Harbor extends up behind North Haven Village. Thayer’s Y-Knot Boatyard (207-867-4701) is located here, offers rental moorings, and generally serves the needs of summer residents.

Brown’s Boatyard (also known as J.O. Brown’s), located in North Haven Village, rents moorings on a first-come/first-served basis. Pay in the boatyard store when you land at the dock. Do not call to reserve a mooring. You can buy lobsters here. Diesel and gas are sold if you can get to the dock (often full of lobster boats).  The credit card machine on the fuel dock was wiped out in the storms, so either pay cash or go up to the office in the red building. 207-867-4621. Brown’s listens to VHF channels 16 and 9.


Channels 9 & 16 for Brown's


Gas and Diesel often available at Brown's Boatyard Non-ethanol gasoline on the dock fuel pump. Ethanol gas at the pump on land for cars.


Brown's (if you can get to the dock and there's not a local drought)


Not Available






Waterman's, Calderwood Hall, and North Haven Library


Not available


Brown's chandlery (limited inventory)


Save it for a mainland site.


North Haven has a medical clinic staffed by nurses from Maine Health PenBay Medical Center in Rockport. The EMTs and ambulance form a mobile medical unit. Everyone we know who's needed it has reported excellent service. Phone 207-867-2021


  • Brown’s offers many traditional boatyard services but has limited resources for off-island visitors

Getting Ashore

Photo: Watermans

Tie up your dinghy at Brown’s Boatyard or the town dock (west of the ferry landing). Tie up on the side next to ferry pilings where all the dinghies are. The face dock is for lobster boats. The Casino dock is a private club for members only.

Aerial view of Waterman's Community Center on North Haven.
assortment of goods available at the market in downtown North Haven

Photo: Jane Babbitt


red wheelbarrow with sign saying Market open
Photo by Maggie Salter

The Market at Hopkins Wharf is owned by Amanda Hallowell, former chef at Nebo Lodge. The shop features her Amandina line of prepared foods, gourmet deli items, frozen meat, cookies and brownies, penny candy, ice cream and ready-made sandwiches. There are also boat necessities like toilet paper, ice, beer and wine. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-4:00 and Mondays by chance.

North Haven Market, located closer to Pulpit Harbor, is about 2 miles from the village. See details on the Pulpit listing. Phone 207-867-2233

gray pickups parked in front of North Haven Grocery
“Gray pickup day” at the North Haven Grocery. Photo by Joe, Flickr

Photo: Courtesy Nebo Lodge

Dine Out

  • Nebo Lodge (207-867-2007), is a popular, high-end gourmet restaurant and inn. Dinners are served on two beautiful porches or indoors. Reservations are essential.
  • Calderwood Hall Restaurant is now owned by North Haven Brewing Company (“Ale brewed on island by old friends”) (207-867-2337) and has beer on tap in addition to pizza. In June they are open Fridays and Saturdays; in July and August, Wednesday through Sunday, 5:00-10:00 pm. North Haven Brewing Company is in the basement at Calderwood Hall, open Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM for Pub Theology​–c​ivil discourse on five suggested topics for conversation. Beer ​is ​served.
  • The Landing (207-863-5186) is open for burgers, grilled cheese, wraps and lobster rolls from 1100-1500 hours every day but Tuesday, plus a Sunday night menu from 1700-2000. They are located in town across from the ferry landing.

a multitude of handmade signs pointing to various island activities

Photo: Always something to do on the island! Photo by Joe, Flickr


  • There are not any official hikes within a close distance of the village, but walking the nearby roads is pleasant as there is relatively light traffic and many interesting homes to view. Virtually everyone waves hello to walkers.
  • Burnt Island, located in the Little Thorofare northeast of the village (about 3.5 miles away), has a delightful, easy hike that circumnavigates the island. Enter the Little Thoroughfare from the north and anchor near Burnt Island. (You can enter from the South but only with extreme caution and local knowledge). Watch for rocks. North Haven Conservation Partners maintains a dock for public access. The walk along the island shoreline has many pebble beaches with occasional hidden treasures.  Usually, if you are on a beach, a lobster buoy hung in the trees shows where to return to the path.

Hopkins Wharf Gallery

Photo: Sebastian White, Flickr

Other Things To Do

  • Hopkins Wharf Gallery (207-867-4444) exhibiting local artists of Penobscot Bay. Daily 1000-1700 hours.
  • North Haven Gift Shop (207-867-4444) Daily 1000-1700 hours. Books, note cards, pottery, clothing, toys, books, bedding, jewelry.
  • North Haven Gallery adjoins the gift shop.
  • Waterman’s Community Center (207-867-2100) is open for coffee and muffins in the morning. See website for hours and event calendar. There is Wi-Fi access for a donation.
  • North Haven Golf Club (207-867-2054) is walkable from town. “The Links” is a 9-hole course that is open to the public for a fee.
  • Yoga with Kat Alexander on Wednesdays and Fridays in July and August at 0830-0930 at Nancy’s Bodyshop on Mills Street. $10-20 per session.
  • The North Haven Library is open Monday-Saturday 1300-1700 in July and August (207-867-9797). Great Wi-Fi – you can even use it sitting outside when the building is closed.
  • North Haven Rentals has boats and bikes to rent.
  • Sea Smoke Sauna offers an hour of relaxing, rejuvenating sauna, at 39 Smith St. (next to Calderwood Hall–keep going out to the end of the road). Book online–by appointment only. [email protected]Sea Smoke Sauna building.

Other Nearby Anchorages:

  • Kent Cove is a lovely anchorage in the Fox Island Thoroughfare located about a mile NE of North Haven.  It is the best way to access Turner Farm, an organic vegetable farm. They also sell fresh bread, pastry, coffee, and frozen beef and pork grown on the farm. 207-867-4962 or [email protected]. There is a dock for people to visit the farm by boat. The farm is open for walks every day. Farmstand hours are
    • June: Thursday-Saturday 0900-1300
    • July and August: Tuesday-Saturday 0900-1300
    • September and October: Thursday-Saturday 0900-1300

The well-liked Barn Dinners (reservation only) are on Thursday and Friday nights until Sept. 23; these are expensive but worth it. Tickets are available online at

  • Calderwood Island is off the east side of North Haven near Burnt Island. Anchor in the cove on the west side of the island and land your dinghy on the beach. Pay attention to the tide! This island is owned by Maine Coast Heritage Trust and has lovely walking trailsPhoto of Calderwood Island by Will Ross



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