Perry Creek

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Photo: Jane Babbitt

A convenient and picturesque overnight oasis midway on the Fox Island Thorofare, a short dinghy ride to the town of North Haven and the North Haven ferry terminal.

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Perry Creek aerial by Dale Bruce with Frank & Libby Simon, pilots

Enter Seal Cove from the Thorofare and curve around Mouse Island and into the creek. The four foot spot doesn’t really seem to exist…although we only pass over it at high tide, just in case it ever rises up. The power cables shown on the chart do exist, however, so don’t drop an anchor in that area!

Perry Creek

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

There are some limited opportunities to anchor in mud with good holding but like many popular destinations, moorings are dominant. While all are private there are several orange balls that are owned by Mr John McLeod and generally available with his permission. He can be found on his American Tug Cloud Dancer and he might visit and give you the opportunity to send a contribution to the Vinalhaven Land Trust, which maintains an extensive network of trails, some of which are accessible from Perry Creek. Check their trail map to see where to access the trails around the creek. You can even download their app VHtrails.

Getting Ashore

Photo: Vinalhaven Land Trust

The Vinalhaven Land Trust offers hiking trail maps. Maybe from the hilltop you’ll get cellphone coverage, but down in the creek you’re lucky to get one bar of Verizon. Besides hiking, a dinghy ride up the creek is not to be missed.

View of Perry Creek in the distance from a rocky hilltop.

Perry Creek in the fog.
Sometimes the fog does slip into Perry Creek — making the surrounding scenery eerily beautiful.

And most days the fog burns off to reveal what’s behind the curtain.  Photo by Alison Langley



What CCA Members are saying:

An undeveloped anchorage (now more like a mooring field) that offers all-around protection, Perry is a picturesque creek that is surrounded by Vinalhaven Land Trust acreage with hiking trails. A short dinghy ride to North Haven or to the Mill River that connects with Winter Harbor via the haulover bridge on the top half of the tide. Because it is surrounded by the land of Vinalhaven many a foggy day is clear blue skies in Perry, while you can hear distant fog horns out on the bay.

Raes on Evening Star

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