Port Clyde

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Port Clyde is a great place to stop briefly for supplies and a walk. It can be a busy place with the Monhegan Ferry coming and going plus the large lobster/fishing boat fleet. However, with its ice cream store, well-stocked general store, restaurant, and rental moorings, this is also a good stop for the night. Note: On September 27, 2023, three historic waterfront buildings in Port Clyde burned. The Monhegan Boat Line building, the Port Clyde General Store, and the Dip Net restaurant were reduced to ashes. The community has rallied and already started talking about rebuilding. Donations can be made at Port Clyde Strong.

Approach & Cautions

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There are multiple ways to enter Port Clyde. From the south, you can follow the route of the Monhegan ferry and come in between Allen and Burnt Islands following the buoys carefully; then go straight up the middle between Hupper Island to port and Marshall Point to starboard, minding the red nuns and green cans.

From the east coming from Muscle Ridge Channel or Tenants Harbor, just after passing Mosquito Island to starboard, turn to starboard (to the NW), heading in towards Marshall Point. Then curving around Marshall Point (to starboard) with its iconic lighthouse, this will bring you into the Port Clyde channel with Hupper Island on your port side.

burgundy powerboat in front of lighthouse

If coming from the west or down the St. George River, you can also enter Port Clyde’s “back door” north of Hupper Island. Pass either side of the small island (Raspberry) with a house on it. There’s a buoyed channel to the west of Raspberry Island, but the depth is only 6 feet at MLW. For the adventurous, the route on the east side of Raspberry is unmarked but slightly deeper. In addition, you must weave through the moored fleet of lobster boats.

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

If the wind is blowing hard from the south or southwest, perhaps Maple Juice Cove is a better choice for the night but, generally, Port Clyde is a well-protected overnight anchorage. The Port Clyde General Store owns 17 moorings for boats up to 50′ from which one can easily get ashore. Call 207-372-6543 or book online.


Getting Ashore

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On the outer side of the town dock and the general store docks, there is good depth and a handy place to buy fuel and supplies. However, it is often busy, and it could be hard to get a large boat alongside. There seems to be ample depth on the outer part of the docks — but keep a sharp eye on the state of the tide.

The store is well stocked and a great place to have a breakfast sandwich or lunch. Next to it is the Dip Net Restaurant which is often busy, but lots of fun with tables outside on the dock — great for watching the sun setting.

There is an excellent walk to the Marshall Point Lighthouse, where Forrest Gump finished his eastward marathon.


Port Clyde general store with dock pilings in foreground


What CCA Members are saying:

My personal favorite is to visit the ice cream store just up the hill from the general store and Monhegan ferry; then to walk up the street, seeing an old New England town with its galleries and inns. This used to be a solid fishing town but has been discovered by the summer crowd, so the houses are fixed up and upgraded -- most of them in good taste.

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