Robinhood Cove

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Photo: Derecktor Robinhood website

Six miles up the west side of the Sheepscot River, Robinhood Cove (also known as Riggs Cove) is a well-protected harbor with a full-service marina. It’s quieter, prettier, and more secluded than nearby Boothbay. Yet, with Robinhood Marine Center’s courtesy car, it offers resupply, travels to nearby attractions, and crew change options. 

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Bill Wohlforth

Heading up the Sheepscot River from the ocean, if the current is fair, take Goose Rock passage; if foul, enter via the Little Sheepscot passage behind MacMahan (locally pronounced “Mack-ma-Hay-an”) Island. Mind the currents, which can be wicked strong in the river. For timely current conditions, see NOAA’s page.

Robinhood Cove Marina with boat on mooring off dock.

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

Derecktor Robinhood maintains many moorings and slips, and there are usually openings for visiting yachts. Call at (207) 371-2525, office; (207) 371-2343 or (800) 255-5206, or hail on VHF Ch. 9. You can reserve space online through Dockwa.

One can anchor up toward the head of Robinhood Cove or on the east or west side of Knubble Bay out of the main current. However, both locations are far from shore amenities.


Ch 9 for Derecktor Robinhood


Derecktor sells diesel and gas at its fuel dock


From 8 am to 8 pm, but no direct hook-up to your boat


30a 120v ac and 50a 240 ac on the docks






Ask for a password. It reaches some closer moorings, depending on wind and weather


At the marina fuel dock, no charge


Derecktor is full-service


Marina will take transient trash


Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick Call 911 for nearest EMT


Derecktor Robinhood is a full-service yard with a Travelift and marine supplies store. Their campus includes a small library building!

Getting Ashore

Photo: Bill Wohlforth

Derecktor Robinhood maintains dinghy docks on either side of the main fuel dock.

View of marina docks from shore, with red building on the right side.
Doorway of Five Islands Farm with overhead light and red flowers hanging in a basket.

Photo: Courtesy of store


Derecktor customers have use of a courtesy car permitting trips to nearby Bath, where there are two supermarkets, Shaw’s, 1 Chandler Dr., (207) 443-9179, offering delivery; and Brackett’s Market IGA, 185 Front St., (207) 443-2012. Open 7:00-7:00.
Closer to Robinhood, there are two smaller stores: Georgetown Country Store, 769 Five Islands Rd., (207) 371-2106, and Five Islands Farm, 1375 Five Islands Rd., (207) 371-9383.

Red umbrellaed dining tables on deck looking over the docks and water.

Photo: Courtesy of Osprey Restaurant

Dine Out

Osprey Restaurant on site.
In Bath, many options, including:
Winnegance Café & Bakery does all three meals, and by most accounts does them well. 36 High St., (207) 443-3300, offers outdoor seating.

In nearby Five Islands, try Five Island Lobster Co, 1447 Five Islands Rd., (207) 371-2990, for the classic Maine coast feast.

Beach with wooden bench

Photo: Landing beach at Beal Island by Frank Polito


About a mile up the Sasanoa River is Beal Island, which is owned by the Appalachian Mountain Club and has a trail circumnavigating the island. Maine Island Trail Association volunteers maintain the trail. There’s an interesting history of the area posted on the AMC page.

Other hiking trails in the area are shown on this map offered by the Town of Georgetown.

Consider traveling to Popham Beach State Park (about a 40-minute drive) to see the historic Popham Fort, pictured here. The nearby beach offers excellent walking, especially at low tide.

Stone fort at Popham surrounded by water on three sides.
Fort Popham. Courtesy of Fort Popham Historic Site

There’s an Enterprise car rental facility in Wiscasset that will deliver. The marina’s courtesy car is just for local use.

Schooner with all sails set.

Photo: Courtesy of Maine Maritime Museum

Other Things To Do

  • Lots to explore at Robinhood Marine itself: former home of Cape Dory Yachts; historic buildings, cozy library; photos of historical interest; Friday concerts in the gazebo in peak season; occasional lectures/slideshows on Maine/maritime topics.
  • The harbor is usually calm enough for paddle-boarding and kayaking, though the current runs strong.
  • If you have fishing gear, stripers frequent Riggs Cove in July-Sept.
  • Dinghy over to the Knubble and explore; or at low tide, venture up into Robinhood Cove to see the bones of the scuttled Five-Masted Schooner Mary B. Barrett.
  • Maine Maritime Museum is just 17 minutes away by car in Bath and is an outstanding facility mostly about shipbuilding in Bath over several centuries. It is well worth a visit and is just a “stone’s throw” away from Bath Iron Works, where the US Navy still builds and repairs modern warships.

Other Nearby Anchorages: Best nearby are Five Islands, Indiantown Island, and Ovens Mouth, and eight more miles up the river, Wiscasset is worth a visit.


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