Eggemoggin Reach

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Photo: Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, a classic boat feast for the eyes - courtesy of Billy Black

Sailing down Eggemoggin Reach is one of those quintessential experiences we have treasured for years. There is flat water, beautiful scenery, a parade of boats under sail, and almost no lobster gear, frequently fog-free. What else could one ask for? After decades of reveling in this experience, we have come to realize it is rare that one is able to truly reach all the way from Bucks Harbor at the NW end to Jericho Bay at the SE end because the SW breeze tends to bend around the south end of the Reach and put you hard on the wind for the last couple of miles. At that point, you have a choice: trim sheets and start tacking or relax and lay off to port and sail into one of four exceptional anchorages. They are Benjamin River, Center Harbor, Wooden Boat School/Babson Island, or behind the Torrey Islands. For many years, we would elect to put into the Benjamin River for the night, a peaceful, almost pastoral place with moorings to rent or space to anchor. We have also picked up a mooring off of Center Harbor Yacht Club to surround ourselves with classic wooden yachts and daysailors, and a few times we have anchored or picked up a mooring off Wooden Boat School, again surrounded by dozens of wooden marine masterpieces and sheltered by Babson Islands.

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Aerial Photo of Torrey Islands by Doug Bruce with Frank & Libby Simon, pilots

From the NW (coming down the Reach) leave Torrey Ledge to starboard. From the SE (Jericho Bay) leave Babson Island to port and Little Torrey to port OR, leave Little Babson to starboard and Little Torrey to port. The passage west of Little Torrey merits your attention but is very doable.

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

Anchoring behind the Torrey Islands is an excellent choice for these reasons:

  • Excellent holding and plenty of space.
  • Good protection from all wind directions except NW
  • Generally flat water and minimal wakes or noise
  • To the east, you have a fantastic view of the many yachts transiting Eggemoggin Reach.
  • To the west, you will experience the eye candy extravaganza of dozens of wooden, immaculate, and well-sailed day sailors and yachts gliding past.
  • This is the heartland of the wooden boat experience. Brooklin Boatyard, which builds exceptional wooden craft from 12 to 90 feet in length, is .5 nm away. The Wooden Boat School is 1.5 nm distant. Center Harbor Yacht Club, with its fleet of Herreshoff 12-1/2s, Haven 12-1/2s, and Beetle Cats, is just a short dinghy ride away, and Benjamin River Marine is but three miles away.
  • There’s a lovely beach and tidal sandbar between Upper Torrey and Lower Torrey Islands.
  • Cell signal is moderate, perhaps 1-2 bars of Verizon.

Other choices along the Reach:

  • Center Harbor Yacht Club: One guest mooring, a dinghy dock but no outboards permitted, 207-359-8868.

    Center Harbor Yacht Club
    Center Harbor Yacht Club hosts some fine wooden boat racing.
  • Brooklin Boatyard: a full complement of marine services (mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc.), rental moorings, dinghy dock, 207-359-2236, or VHF ch 18. Nearby is Center Harbor Sails.
    looking past the dock at the Brooklin Boat yard to boats on moorings
    Boats on moorings at the Brooklin Boat Yard (above and below)

  • Wooden Boat School: ( Photo below by Dale Bruce) Rental moorings, dinghy dock, 207-359-4651.

  • Benjamin River Marine (Photo below by Libby Simon) — Moorings, tidal dock, 207-359-2244.


Be aware that the first weekend in August is the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, with over 100 gorgeous wooden boats arriving on Friday and competing on Saturday. The anchorage off Wooden Boat School will be totally full that weekend, but anchoring behind Torrey Island will be fine and as a bonus, viewing the race start from the Reach side of Torrey Island is spectacular. Take a picnic and enjoy.

Getting Ashore

Photo: Many boatbuilding projects are in the works at Wooden Boat School. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat School.

One of the better places to go ashore is at Wooden Boat School where there is a dock and harbormaster, plus walking paths. They are, at most times, very welcoming and have many interesting things to see on the WB School campus. See their site for details. Read about their facilities and courses.

People standing outside the Wooden Boat School building with six newly-built wooden boats.

Eggemoggin Reach is an area of endless scenic beauty with glorious sunsets and sunrises. Here’s a recent photo by Tom Higbee of sunrise over the Torrey Islands taken from High Head on the western shore near Center Harbor.


What CCA Members are saying:

At the eastern end of Eggemoggin Reach is Big Babson Island, which was protected from any future development and open to the public in 2011 by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. The Trust has invested its conservation resources and efforts along the entire coast of Maine so that our intertidal heritage remains wild and accessible to the public. Great work, visit their website for guidelines and a printable map.

Bob and Mary Rubadeau on a beach

Bob Rubadeau

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