The Goslings

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Photo: Zdenka Griswold

Another favorite anchorage in Casco Bay includes The Goslings, now owned by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. It offers a trifecta of small islands sporting a couple of tiny delightful sandy beaches and almost-always-available strong moorings, especially on weekdays. Although not customarily recommended, here you can pick up any unoccupied mooring (don't leave your boat unattended!) and hope the owner doesn’t show up and kick you off. If they do, it’s rare that you can’t find another one vacant nearby. This cove is a lovely large open-but-protected area with wonderful walking ashore at the several islands surrounding you. Weekends tend to get crowded with boats from Portland who love to congregate, raft-up, and party here. 

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Zdenka Griswold

Easy to enter. If coming from the west (Yarmouth or South Freeport) leave green can #5 marking Goose Ledge to starboard and proceed toward the northeast leaving Irony Island well to port. Once you’ve cleared Irony (don’t cut it too close, there are submerged ledges off the northeast end), turn left and head straight ahead into the mooring field.

If coming from the south, just aim outside Irony Island and keep green can #5 a good distance to port.

rocky shore in the foreground with islands in the middle distance and the mainland in the far distance

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Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

There are usually plenty of well-maintained and substantial moorings here, and you can have your pick. You can also easily anchor east of the mooring field. If everyone aboard wants to go ashore, it’s best to anchor, so you won’t risk angering a mooring owner 🙂

This anchorage is not so desirable if strong northerly or easterly winds are forecast.

Getting Ashore

Photo: Zdenka Griswold

There is good hiking on the two smaller islands. You can haul your dinghy up on the little beach and then roam to your heart’s content. The sand bar connecting the two smaller islands is exposed at low tide and fun to explore. If you’re lucky, you may find sand dollars and Belon oysters.

This MCHT link has more details about hiking opportunities on the islands.

Trail between pine trees with a sign in the foreground welcoming you to The Goslings.

Other Things To Do: It is usually a calm harbor… great for paddleboarding and wading in water, looking for oysters Searching for oysters in the shallow waters near the beach is also a worthy pastime.

Other Nearby Anchorages:  Little Whaleboat, a short hop to the southwest, also has a couple of guest moorings, and Jewell Island, even further west and south, is a lovely if often crowded anchorage.


What CCA Members are saying:

We love the Goslings and often go there for a quick overnight from South Freeport. It can get crowded, particularly on weekends, but there are plenty of moorings and lots of room to swing on an anchor if the moorings are fully occupied. Despite its close proximity to civilization, it feels quite remote. Great spot to watch fireworks in the large surrounding towns on the 4th of July.

Nat Warren-White

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