Winter Harbor at Schoodic Peninsula

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Photo: Courtesy Acadia National Park

The head of Winter Harbor has three separate coves, which represent the range of boating in Maine.  Sand Cove, bordered by Grindstone Neck, is home to the Winter Harbor Yacht Club with its colorful fleet of racing sloops and classic yachts. Most visiting yachts prefer the Sand Cove area for its ambiance and decent protection. The inner harbor has lobster boats only. Henry Cove is the harbor for the village with fishing boats and small outboards. The ferry from Bar Harbor is also in Henry Cove.

Approach & Cautions

Photo: Maggie Salter

The entrance from the south is straight ahead with rocks on the port side (near the Winter Harbor Lighthouse) clearly marked.

The entry to or from the west side requires more care and good visibility as there are many rocks and islands before reaching open water.

Read your chart carefully.

A red gaff-rigged sailboat heads toward a rocky shore with a lighthouse perched above the rocks.

Click the chart to open Navionics

Not to be used for Navigation .

Docking, Anchorages, or Moorings

The Winter Harbor Yacht Club in Sand Cove is the area most visiting yachts prefer. Built in the 1890s, the WHYC is a traditional sailing club with friendly and helpful staff.

Winter Harbor Yacht Club is open from July 4th through Labor Day and has rental moorings and launch service. They monitor VHF Channel 9.

Clubhouse: 207-963-2275  Dock Office: 207-963-2346

The 2023 WHYC overnight mooring prices are $40 for 35 feet and under, $50 for 35’ to 45’, $60 for 45’ up to 60’, and $100 for 60’ and over. You can reserve on Dockwa.

Mooring fee includes launch service (0800-1800 hours seven days a week), showers (0800-1100 hours and 1400-1700 hours), and depositing one bag of trash. Water fill-up is available. In some circumstances it can be a bit rolly.


WHYC - Ch 9




WHYC dock (for mooring customers)




WHYC (for mooring customers)




Town Library






One bag at WHYC


The Village Doctor (medical clinic) 729 Summer Harbor Rd 207-963-2001


Getting Ashore

Photo: Maggie Salter

The village is about a mile from the Yacht Club. The Island Explorer Bus will take you into Acadia National Park, and the Bar Harbor ferry will take you to Bar Harbor. There is wonderful hiking on the Schoodic Peninsula which is a less crowded part of Acadia National Park. There is a beautiful walk around Grindstone Neck.

Town of Winter Harbor

Public WiFi is available 24/7 at the Winter Harbor Public Library (207-963-7556) in a beautiful stone building at 10 Chapel Lane. Open Wednesday and Saturday 1200-1600 hours and Fridays 1000-1600 hours.

Winter Harbor Yacht Club building is a large shingle-style structure perched on the water's edge. Docks with sailing dinghies are below it.
Front of IGA grocery store.

Photo: Courtesy Winter Harbor Food Services


Winter Harbor Food Services, 254 Main Street, (207) 963-2256

“A small village grocery store with a little bit of everything.”

Covered porch crowded with people at tables outside store entrance.

Photo: Maggie Salter

Dine Out

  • JM Gerrish – open 0800-1500 hours, Thursday through Tuesday 207-963-7000. Breakfast, lunch, and ice cream.
  • Winter Harbor Lobster Shack 1100-1900 seven days a week
  • Chases – 0700-2000 hours Tuesday through Thursday. 207-963-7171. Serves a great breakfast, plus lunch and dinner.
  • The Gallery – open 1600-2000 hours Friday through Tuesday. No reservations, bar with creative cocktails and dinner.
  • Me and Ben’s – 1200-2000 hours seven days a week for hot dogs and ice cream take-out. 207-963-7752
  • The Lobstore – Tues-Fri open 1000-1800 hours; Sat 1000-1600; Sun 1100-1500, 258 Newman Street, 207-963-8600

Rocky shoreline with foaming water pouring over the rocks and the sunsset beyond.

Photo: Courtesy Acadia National Park


Acadia National Park and the Schoodic Institute on the Schoodic Peninsula

Located on the long peninsula southeast of the town of Winter Harbor, this is the only part of the park located on the mainland. It has very similar geological features as Mount Desert Island but is more secluded and has less commercial development in the surrounding villages. Because of this “less traveled” aspect, there are many who are passionate about the region. The Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park covers approximately 2,366 acres. Read more about the park and institute.

It’s a long walk to the park and Schoodic Institute. The Island Explorer free shuttle bus runs a circle route from town and the local ferry dock to the park. See the shuttle bus schedule. There is also a ferry that runs from Bar Harbor to Winter and vice-versa. See their website for schedules and tickets.

Ask at WHYC for directions to the trail on Grindstone Neck.

After lobster boat races boats gather around the town dock

Photo: After the races. Photo by Geir Bentzen - Flickr

Other Things To Do

Lobster Boat Races

Winter Harbor Lobster Boat races start in Henry Cove and are usually the second Saturday of August.  There is a pancake breakfast, craft fair, lobster dinner, parade, and fireworks.  Fishing families and spectators from all over the coast come to celebrate the fastest lobster boats and the Downeast way of life.


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