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While many experienced sailors rightly take pride in being self-reliant and self-sufficient, stuff happens. That is particularly true in Maine, where tide and currents, occasional thick fog, and rocky ledges require considerable vigilance. And no matter how careful you are, sooner or later, you will probably snag a lobster buoy. Depending on the circumstances, it […]
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Whether it’s your first visit to Maine or you’ve lived here your whole life, it’s important to consider some of the Maine cultural underpinnings as you cruise this beautiful coastline.
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There’s good and bad news about planning a cruise in Maine. The good news is that there are over 1000 destinations and 3,500 miles of coastline from which to choose. The bad news is that there are so many choices that it may seem impossible to come up with an enjoyable cruise itinerary. Fortunately, this […]
Finding a good stout mooring of known history and condition in a beautiful location is likely one of the best and most satisfying aspects of cruising. After all, there should be no angst regarding holding ground, the quality of your gear, your anchor-setting skills, tricky currents, forecasted storms. But even picking up a mooring in […]
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As marinas in Maine are somewhat sparse, and the anchoring opportunities are plentiful and fabulous, anchoring is a valuable skill set to possess while cruising Maine. General observations for anchoring anywhere from Maine to the Caribbean: The attraction of a tight, snug anchorage is undeniable. Privacy, good protection from wind and waves, tranquil beauty are […]
In many cruising areas, the water temperature is part of the enjoyable sailing experience. A quick warm swim at the beginning or end of the day is wonderful. However, In Maine, the water temperature should be considered part of the challenge and not necessarily a pleasant experience. Being a good swimmer isn’t enough to avoid […]
As one sails east down the coast of Maine, communication options start to decline as cellphone reception and WiFi connections become spotty or non-existent. Coverage is decent close to the coast but decreases the further one travels offshore. One can significantly enhance cellphone coverage with a signal booster. For example Given cellphone limitations, marine […]
Cruising in Maine can be a most pleasant and satisfying experience, but it requires a considerably higher focus on safety than cruising in other more benign areas and climates.
Maine dares you to try and love it. Daily life on the rugged Acadian coast is tide-scrabble hard. It is not a place for the timid or those who like to run around naked. To cruise your boat in these waters, you must earn your salt and prepare yourself to find challenges at every harbor […]
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In calm water, at slack tide, in daylight, lobster pot floats, and their warps present only a moderate problem. The floats and toggles are easy to see, and the warps drop straight down from the float or toggle, so steering around them is easy, even if you pass close aboard. You still must keep a […]
Fog is Fun! Someone out there has been giving Maine fog a bad name. They say it’s treacherous, dangerous, difficult to navigate in and to be avoided at all costs. Perhaps with some tips and perspective adjustment, we can change all that negative energy that fog seems to attract. My wife, Jane, and I have […]

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